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Accu-Products - A Division Of 202 Racing

For orders call toll free: (800) 283-1202 Tech questions call: (440) 356-1202 9am-5pm EST Mon-Fri - Fax: (440) 356-1207
We answer email 24/7:

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Ricky Corey Racing - AFM 2014 Round 3

Ride along with Accu-Products sponsored Ricky Corey Racing in the 3rd round of the 2014 AFM Formula Pacific Championship Series.

Watch all of Ricky's on-board videos Here


Accu-Mix™ No matter what fluids you need to accurately combine or measure, you need the Accu-Mix™ jug.

A unique and patented product designed to accurately mix and measure fluids of all types.

Unlike other fuel jugs the Accu-Mix™ measures fuel not only by volume, but also by weight.

On sale now for $27.95

Accu-Products Starter Tools are the best way to start a bike with tire warmers still on.

Now available for all MotoPlat and PVL ignitions.

All Starter Tools Are On Sale Now For ONLY

Get a Replacement Drive Nut for your Accu-Products Starter Tool. Put a drive nut on all your bikes and use one Starter Tool for all.

NEW ITEM - Ohlins MKII TTX - Rear Shock System

Classic Race Tire

The Mark II TTX series is built especially for championship factory riders but now all serious racers, track riders and canyon carvers can for the very first time buy these at an affordable price. The Mark II TTX is specially built to order and only available through 202 Racing - ACCU-PRODUCTS

Ohlins MKII TTX - Rear Shock System

Only $1400 - OEM GP Bikes & All Popular Sportbikes

HANDY TOOL - Snap Ring Plier

A must for master cylinder repair.

Available Now - $25.00
Snap Ring Plier

SALE ITEM - Continental Road Attack II - Classic Race Tire

Classic Race Tire

Good cold grip and quick tire warm-up through a newly developed Black Chili tread compound, specially designed for Classic Endurance Racing. Approved MultiGrip Technology ensures high mileage and maximum grip in extreme lean angles.

Road Attack 2 - Classic Race Tire

All sizes on sale now

NEW PRODUCT - Billet Water Pump Cover - 91 thru 99 TZ250

Custom billet construction OEM replacement water pump cover.

1991 thru 1999 TZ250. Also fits all TZR250 V-twin street bikes from 1991 to present.

Available Now - $160.00

Accu-Flo™ - A smart spout for pouring oil in places which previously could be reached only by oily, dirty funnels.

Smart because it has a check ball that starts and stops oil flow with a twist of the wrist. Also, the spout has an O-ring seal against the oil bottle and a screw-cap tip for an air-and-oil-tight seal.

Accu-Flo™ Smart Spout - $4.95

NEW PRODUCT - Öhlins TTX / NIX Combo Kit
30mm Cartridge kit in combination with the TTX MK II shock.

Racers & Sportbikes.

Lowest price anywhere. $2395.00

Buy Now

Fit's Yamaha R5-RD TD3 TR3 DS7. Right or Left idle. Fully fitted and ready to go!

We customize these carbs to bolt right onto your vintage R5, RD, TD3, TR3, or DS7 with correct slide, cable style choke, light pull return spring, small cable adjuster and proper jetting.

Mikuni VM34-275 34mm Right Idle Carburetor

Mikuni VM34-168 34mm Left Idle Carburetor

$140.00 each

NEW PRODUCT - Factory Kit Exhaust Manifold Flange For Honda RS125 - SS or Ti

Kit O-Ring Sealed Exhaust Manifold Flange

Upgrade to a Factory Kit style O-Ring sealed exhaust manifold flange on your Honda RS125. Fits Model Years 1995-2010. This is the "Kit" version with ovalized shape to exactly exhaust port shape. Available in Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Flange comes with 8 o-rings (4 are required). They are replaced as needed, a quick visual inspection shows if they are in need of replacement. The o-ring on the end of the flange will degrade the fastest, so you only replace them as needed.

Replacement O-Ring part number is 18359-NX4-000 and they are just 95 cents each.

Stainless Steel - $140.00 Titanium - $245.00

All Top End Rebuild Kits are now on sale.

Yamaha TZ250 (91-99) $300.00
Yamaha TZ250 (00-10) $375.00
Yamaha TZ125 (94-97) $150.00
Yamaha TZ125 (98-10) $180.00
Honda RS250 (93-10) $650.00
Honda RS125 (91-10) $325.00

Chromoly Swing Arm for Yamaha RD250, 350, 400 & TD3, TR3.


520x120 DID ERS2 Gold Light Weight GP Racing Chain (520x120). Perfect for GP 250's

On Sale For Just $100.00

3XV-11631-01-95 TZR250 Domed Piston - $130.00

5KE-11400-10 TZ250 Crankshaft, 2000-2008 - $1600.00

4DP-11310-20 OEM Cylinder. Fits TZ125 (1994 thru 1997) & TZ250 (1991 thru 1999) - $900.00

Lightweight Fiberglass Gas Tank. for the Yamaha TD3 and TR3 GP racers.


SERVICE WORK - Cylinder Replating & Porting - Crankshaft Rebuilding - Frame Repair And More

Complete Rebuild, Repair & Custom Fabrication Services - Contact Us for more information.
  • Clutch Basket Riveting
  • Nikasil Cylinder Plating
  • Cylinder Weld Repair
  • Detonation Rings
  • Cylinder Head Repair
  • Frame Repair - Straightening:
  • Crankshaft Rebuilding
  • Complete Engine Rebuilding

Clutch Holding Tool - On sale now for just $24.50

Direct Replacement For Yamaha OEM Clutch Holder Tool, Part Number YM-91042
Made from medium carbon steel with hardened jaws
Hold clutch hubs, flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc.

Power Dynamo Ignitions
Powerdynamo GmbH bolt on replacement ignition systems for vintage and classic motorcycles. Spark up that old RD, RZ, TD or early TZ with a modern ignition system..

Complete Range of Front Fork Spring Kits for all Yamaha TZ125, TZ250, Honda RS125 and RS250 GP bikes. Its about time you set your spring rates up properly. By far the most important suspension tuning adjustment you can do! Finally you can get the proper spring rates at an economical price.

Front Fork Spring Kits

Now On Sale For $110.00

Yamabond 4 semi-drying liquid gasket compound, seals joint surfaces with a tough elastic film. Tolerates heat, pressure, and vibration. Best case sealer choice for TZ or RD re-builds.

3 Oz. Tube: $10.00

The Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper is your best choice for an accurate and durable measuring tool.

On Sale Now For $119.00

If you have questions, or cannot find something you are looking for at our website, please Contact Us

Thanks for shopping at Accu-Products,

Rick Merhar

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  13. Yamaha TZ125, 1994-1997 - Top End Rebuild Kit
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  14. Yamaha TZ250, 2000-2009 - Crankshaft Rebuild Kit
    Save $75.00
  15. Honda RS125, 1995-1997 - Top End Rebuild Kit
    Save $70.00
  16. Honda RS125, 1998-2009 - Top End Rebuild Kit
    Save $70.00
  17. Yamaha TZ125, 1998-2010 - Top End Rebuild Kit
    Save $55.00
  18. Yamaha TZ250, 1991-1999 - Crankshaft Rebuild Kit
    Save $50.00
  19. Yamaha TZ250, 1998 - Carburetor Rebuild Kit
    Save $50.00
  20. Bosch Drill Kit & Starter Tool Combo Deal
    Save $50.00
  21. Kawasaki ZX6, 9 & 10 Quick Release Gas Cap - 2000-
    Save $41.00
  22. Suzuki GSXR Quick Release Gas Cap - 2003-
    Save $41.00
  23. Kawasaki ZX-6, 7, 9 & 10 Gas Cap - Screw Type
    Save $40.00
  24. Suzuki GSXR 1000 / 600 Gas Cap 2003 - Screw Type
    Save $40.00
  25. Zero Gravity DB KAW ZX-6E/ZZR600 93-00 Clear
    Save $40.00
  26. Zero Gravity DB SUZ GSXR 1000 03-04 Clear
    Save $40.00
  27. Zero Gravity DB SUZ GSXR 600 01-03/600M 02 Clear
    Save $40.00
  28. Zero Gravity SS HON CBR600RR 03-Clear
    Save $40.00
  29. 150/65-18 Road Attack 2 - Classic Race Tire
    Save $35.00
  30. 130/80-18 Road Attack 2 - Classic Race Tire
    Save $34.00
  31. AP Racing Lockheed - Rear Caliper
    Save $32.14
  32. SPARK PLUG NGKR7282A-105 Replaced 31940-NX5-851 NGKR6120A-105 - Short ceramic and long reach for detonation counter (Denso # IA01-32)
    Save $31.62
  33. Yamaha TZ250, 2003-2010 - Carburetor Rebuild Kit
    Save $25.00
  34. T-Handle Set, 7 Piece Metric
    Save $25.00
  35. TZ250 Rear Hugger - Fiberglass
    Save $25.00
  36. RS125 Rear Hugger - Fiberglass
    Save $25.00
  37. TZ125 Rear Hugger - Fiberglass
    Save $25.00
  38. High Torque Starter Tool
    Save $25.00
  39. Starter Tool
    Save $25.00
  40. Yamaha TZ250, 1991-1997 - Carburetor Rebuild Kit
    Save $25.00
  41. Accu-Start Compression Release Kit
    Save $25.00
  42. Yamaha TZ250, 1999-2002 - Carburetor Rebuild Kit
    Save $25.00
  43. 110/80-18 Road Attack 2 - Classic Race Tire
    Save $22.00
  44. 100/90-18 Road Attack 2 - Classic Race Tire
    Save $22.00