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Leakdown Test Kit


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Product Information

Essential for any high performance two stroke - whether you do it in the dirt or do it in the road 

Available for most any two stroke. Call for other model availability.

Specific models include:
• Yamaha TZ250 Parallel Twin
• Yamaha TZ250 V Twin
• Yamaha TZ125
• Honda RS250
• Honda RS125

TZ125 Model Shown

Please Choose Your Model Below:

Product Code: 202-LEAKDOWN

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


I use this kit before each tear-down and after each rebuild of my TZ250. It has alerted me to air leaks which could have damaged my engine and it has helped me find those leaks. It could use some instructions so novice mechanics don't go pumping their engines with too much air and blowing out seals. And so we have an idea of what is an acceptable rate of air leakage.

Yard Sale :: Oct 30 2007, 17:57 PM

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