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Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper

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Allows direct measurements from power on. Zero-setting of the display is also possible at any slider position. Special function allows it to always remember its measuring position even after the gage has been switched off.

The only Digital Caliper in the world with Absolute-Reading technology. A conventional digital caliper must be reset to zero -- its jaws must be closed -- at the start of every measurement, Pike continued. "Zeroing the gage should be a reflex for people who use digital calipers, but people forget or become distracted and fail to do it. They then take a series of measurements, all of which are off.

"But even when the user remembers to zero the gage on a conventional digital caliper, the jaws may remain slightly open, which also compromises the accuracy of subsequent measurements," Mitutoyo Digimatic Calipers with the "Set 'N Forget" Absolute-Reading feature safeguards users from such errors. Users always know that the dimension indicated on the digital display is relative to the zero position of the jaws. They know it's the measurement, the whole measurement and nothing but the measurement they need. Also, the need to zero the gage and the mistakes associated with that procedure, are things of the past."

This Mitutoya digital vernier is what "I use all the time"

Normally sells for $145.00."

Product Code: 500-196-20

Manufacturer: Accu-Products

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