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Piston Fit Feeler Stock

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For checking piston/cylinder fit/clearance. Kit comes with all 3 thicknesses required - (.002, .0025 and .003).

Product Code: 667

Manufacturer: Accu-Products

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Average Rating: 5

5 Stars For This Ingenious Accessory

Best way to check piston fit on a budget. Not quite as accurate as the dial gauges and micrometers that cost a bundle, but at this price point, a huge value. Easiest way to check piston fit at the track, quickly. Even when I get the expensive measuring tools, these will stay in my tool box for their convenience and ability to do a quick and easy check of piston fit.

Moose :: Nov 11 2007, 11:48 am


Nevermind the bore gauge or inside micrometer that only an experienced machinist can use accurately. Keep it simple: just lay the gauge stock in your cylinder and drop in the piston.

Yard Sale :: Oct 30 2007, 17:45 pm

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