Piston Fit Feeler Stock

Piston Fit Feeler Stock
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I sell the feeler gauge kit in .002", .0025" and .003” thicknesses to correctly size your piston to cylinder clearances, 

I lay the cylinder on its side so the transfer side is flat on the table, then lay a feeler gauge thru the bore, it will lay there do to gravity.

Then I take a piston and with the exhaust side or arrow pointing down, slide it in the bottom of the cylinder keeping feeler stock centered on the middle of the exhaust skirt.

If the piston will not slide into the jug, either try the next size smaller piston or decrease the thickness of the feeler stock gauge .

Keep playing around with different pistons and different gauges till you fit the correct piston to the bore.

Correct is slides fairly easy with a .002” gauge and slides tight with a .0025” gauge, don’t force anything!

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Customer Reviews

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Wow! Very functional way to accomplish this check.

I'm a dummy for having this so long and not using them. :) Very simple method for making an important check. (12 Feb 2023, 12:44)

5 Stars For This Ingenious Accessory

Best way to check piston fit on a budget. Not quite as accurate as the dial gauges and micrometers that cost a bundle, but at this price point, a huge value. Easiest way to check piston fit at the track, quickly. Even when I get the expensive measuring tools, these will stay in my tool box for their convenience and ability to do a quick and easy check of piston fit. (11 Nov 2007, 11:48)


Nevermind the bore gauge or inside micrometer that only an experienced machinist can use accurately. Keep it simple: just lay the gauge stock in your cylinder and drop in the piston. (30 Oct 2007, 17:45)

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