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Penton Ignition Systems

Accu-Products is your authorized dealer for all Penton Racing ignition products (PVL & MZ-B). Outfit your vintage cafe/GP racer or motocrosser with the best in electronic ignitions.

Powerdynamo GmbH (formerly MZ-B) crafts bolt on (replacement) dynamo and/or ignition systems for vintage and classic motorcycles made completely of new and modern materials.

PVL ignition systems have been designed with performance in mind. Its lightweight rotor reduces the amount of rotating mass on the crank, allowing the engine to reach higher RPM more quickly. By offering a higher output than most original equipment ignitions, the PVL ignition can burn more fuel, thus making more power. This higher kilovolt output, along with the systems compact design, makes the PVL ignitions an ideal choice for replacement of failed OEM ignitions or as a performance accessory. PVL ignition systems are available for vintage to current model single & twin cylinder 2-stroke engines and small displacement 4-stroke engines. Systems are available in a fixed timing analog version suitable for all displacements, and a digital version for displacements under 200cc, which is programmed with a permanent advance/retard curve designed for uses where there is a lot of ranging in the engines RPM, such as in motocross.

The MZ-B ignition system (now called Powerdynamo) is a magneto based generator with integrated, fully electronic ignition. It is equipped with a tiny AC regulator to run lighting equipment, thus eliminating the need to run a battery. MZ-B external flywheel type ignitions are an analog type, CDI ignition with 80-100 watts of 12-volt lighting capacity capable of delivering up to 40,000 volts! Systems are available for Bultaco, Husqvarna, KTM, Maico, Sachs, & Zundap engines.


Use this PDF Application Data Sheet to select the ignition kit model number that fits your bike model and ignition options. Then choose that ignition kit model number from the appropriate product list below (PVL Analog, PVL Digital or Powerdynamo)





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