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NOW ON SALE! - Accu-Mix™

No matter what fluids you need to accurately combine or measure, you need the Accu-Mix™ jug.

A unique and patented product designed to accurately mix and measure fluids of all types.

Unlike other fuel jugs the Accu-Mix™ measures fuel not only by volume, but also by weight.

On sale now for $29.95








UNIQUE PRODUCT - Accu-Flo™ Smart Spout

A smart spout for pouring oil in places which previously could be reached only by oily, dirty funnels. Smart because it has a check ball that starts and stops oil flow with a twist of the wrist. Also, the spout has an O-ring seal against the oil bottle and a screw-cap tip for an air-and-oil-tight seal.

Only $4.95










Accu-Products Starter Tools are the best way to start a GP Bike with tire warmers still on. Also perfect for Shifter Karts.

Now also available for Honda CR125-250 and all MotoPlat and PVL ignitions.

All Starter Tools Are On Sale Now For ONLY $150.00







Get a Replacement Drive Nut for your Accu-Products Starter Tool.

Put a Drive Nut on all your engines and use one Starter Tool for all.

Titanium Now Available for Only $20 extra.












VHM Billet Piston Kits for TZ125 and TZ250

All Piston Kits include Ring, Piston Pin and Circlips.

Available Piston Sizes:

  • 88-90 TZ250 (Dome Top) - 55.93mm, 55.94mm
  • 94-97 TZ125 & 91-99 TZ250 (Flat Top) - 55.92mm, 55.93mm, 55.94mm
  • 98-08 TZ125 & 00-08 TZ250 (Flat Top) - 55.93mm, 55.94mm

VHM Billet Cylinder Head Cover and Inserts for TZ250 1992-2002

Available Cylinder Head Sizes: 11.40cc, 11.60cc, 11.80cc, 12.00cc, Blind and "Spec Cut".


RD400 RearsetsNEW PRODUCTS Talon Sprockets

Accu-Products now offers full the line of Talon Sprockets & Carriers for OEM GP Racers.

Available for Yamaha TZ125, TZ250  & Honda RS125.

Talon alloy sprockets are CNC machined from top specification 7075 TG Aluminum to ISO 9001 quality and guild of master craftsman standards.


ON SALE! - 520x120 DID ERS2

Gold Non O-Ring GP Racing Chain. Perfect for GP 250 racers.

Now Only $130.00








PP Tuning Racing Parts

Accu-Products is the sole authorized USA distributor for PP Tuning Racing Parts. PP Tuning was founded in 1999 and has specialized in the manufacture of rear sets and technical components for road riders and racers . Offering highest quality products with an Unbreakable Guarantee. PP Tuning is the only company in the world that will replace a broken part, after a crash, even when it is your fault!

Clip-Ons, Rear-Sets, Crash Protectors, Levers & Lever Protectors and much more...




ON SALE! - 120 Link DID 415ERZ

Gold Light Weight GP Racing Chain. Perfect for GP 125 racers. Designed to meet the demands of Moto3 racing.

Now Only $68.50





NEW ITEM! - Dual Purpose Rotor Puller

For air cooled TR3 and TD3, all black engine TZ250 (1973-1980 water cooled) and 1981 to 1987 TZ250

Special Price: $25.00








NEW PRODUCT - TZ250 96-08 TZ125 94-08 - Lightweight Aluminum Rearset Plate

Stronger and ligter than OEM. A whole lot cheaper too! Universal design, one bracket fits both sides.

Fits Yamaha TZ250 Model Years 1996-2008 and TZ125 Model Years 1994-2008.

Replaces OEM part numbers 4JT-27412-00, 4JT-27412-10, 4JT-27412-20

On Sale Now For Only $60.00





NEW PRODUCT - TZ250 91-96 - Custom Aluminum Right Rearset Plate

Yamaha TZ250 Model years 1991 to 1995. Stronger and lighter than OEM plate.

Includes: Bolt on heel guard / pipe mount plate.

Replaces OEM Part Number: 3YL-27422-01

Sale Price: $75.00






NEW PRODUCT - TZ250 91-96 - Custom Aluminum Left Rearset Plate

Yamaha TZ250 Model Years 1991-1995. Stronger and lighter than OEM.

Replaces OEM Part # 3YL-27412-00

Sale Price: $60.00








SPARK UP YOUR IGNITION - PowerDynamo Ignition Systems

Accu-Products is your authorized dealer for all Powerdynamo (PVL & MZ-B) ignition systems.

Outfit your vintage cafe/GP racer or motocrosser with the best in electronic ignitions











BRAKE UPGRADE - Brembo Master Cylinders All On Sale!

Your GP Racer already has great brakes right? Why not make them just a bit better?

Step up to a Brembo Master Cylinder and never look back!

125 GP     250 GP  
16x18 Brake Master with Folding Lever

110.4760.85 - $285.00
  19x18 Brake Master Cylinder - Radial Pump

110.4760.70 - $239.00
16x18 Brake Master with Shorty Lever

110.4760.82 - $235.00
  19x18 Brake Master Cylinder with Folding Lever

110.4760.75 - $299.00
16x18 Brake Master with Standard Lever

110.4760.80 - $235.00
  19x20 Brake Master Cylinder - Radial Pump

110.4760.60 - $265.00

ON SALE  - Top End Rebuild Kits

All OEM GP Top End Rebuild Kits are now on sale!
















Time To Replace Is Now, Not After It Breaks!

Gold Light Weight GP Racing Chain (520x120). Perfect for GP 250's

On Sale For $120.00








STORE SPECIAL - Front Fork Spring Kits

Complete Range of Front Fork Spring Kits for all Yamaha TZ125, TZ250, Honda RS125 and RS250 GP bikes. It's about time you set your spring rates up properly. By far the most important suspension tuning adjustment you can do! Finally you can get the proper spring rates at an economical price.

All Spring Kits Now On Sale For $120.00









Classic Race TireSUSPENSION UPGRADE - Ohlins TTX GP - Rear Shock System

The Ohlins TTX GP is built especially for championship factory riders but now all serious racers, track riders and canyon carvers can for the very first time buy these at an affordable price.

The TTX GP is specially built to order and only available through 202 Racing - Accu-Products.

Available For All OEM GP Bikes & Most Popular Sportbikes.

Now Only $1600.00








OHN154 - 30mm Fork Cartridge kit in combination with the TTX GP shock.

For All GP Racers & Sportbikes.

Lowest price anywhere! - $2395.00










SERVICE WORK - Complete Rebuild, Repair & Custom Fabrication Services

Contact Us for more information.

Clutch Basket Riveting
Nikasil Cylinder Plating
Cylinder Weld Repair
Detonation Rings

Cylinder Head Repair
Frame Repair - Straightening:
Crankshaft Rebuilding
Complete Engine Rebuilding

Thank You for shopping at Accu-Products!

Rick Merhar

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