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Gustafsson Plastics

Gustafsson products are pre-formed, cut, and with finished edges, are ready to install with minimum effort using our thorough installation instructions. Because original equipment tolerances vary to such an extent, Gustafsson does not drill mounting holes in their windscreens. Make sure to use the special acrylic drill bit listed below to prevent cracking your new windscreen when drilling the mounting holes. The material used in all Gustafsson windscreens is a high grade Acrylic G that is a cellcast material. It is UV resistant and makes a very optically correct windscreen. This is the best material available for Motorcycle windscreens.

In addition to Clear, all Gustafsson windscreens are available in up to 15 colors for no extra charge! With the exception of the Opaque Black; Opaque White, all colors are translucent (see through).

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