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Honda RS125, 1991-1994 - Top End Rebuild Kit

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All the parts needed for a basic or complete top end rebuild.

RS125 1994 and earlier

Basic kit has optional wrist pins. Choose additional parts* as needed.Note: The piston available in this rebuild kit is a very hard to get item and can only be purchased as part of this rebuild kit.

Basic Kit Contents:
[reference #] part number (quantity) description
[1] 13100-NF4-900 (1) piston Yes, we actually have these in stock!
[2] 12191-NF4-610 (1) cylinder base gasket
[2] 13111-NF4-780 (1) wrist pin (93)
[2] 13111-NF4-900 (1) wrist pin (94)
[3] 13112-ML0-720 (2) wrist pin circlip
[4] 13121-NX5-701 (1) piston ring
[6] 18331-NF4-780 (1) exhaust gasket
[7] 91008-NF4-901 (1) wrist pin bearing

*Optional Kit Parts:
[reference #] part number (quantity) description
[4] 12212-ND5-003 (1) head to cylinder outer o-ring
[5] 12213-ND5-000 (1) head to cylinder inner o-ring
[7] 31901-NF4-651 (1) spark plug (NGK R6385-105P) standard
[7] 31902-NF4-671 (1) spark plug (NGK R6385-11P)
[7] 31903-NF4-671 (1) spark plug (NGK R6385-10P)
[9] 90441-422-000 (5) head nut washer
[11] 90543-273-000 (1) water check bolt washer
[14] 94301-06100 (2) head to cylinder locating dowel pin<

Select basic options and additions below:

Product Code: TOPKIT91-94RS125

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